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ALM: Measuring the Impact of Research

ALM Reports allows you to view article-level metrics for any set of PLOS articles as well as summarize and visualize the data results.

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Sample ALM Report

With ALM Reports, you can create a report of the ALMs for a single or set of PLOS articles.
You can view the metrics for each article added. Sample Report
From the articles selected, ALM Reports also provides a set of visualizations based on the summary data. Sample Report
Each ALM report has an associated downloadable file, which can be used to further customized to suit your needs. This CSV file contains additional article information, including:
  • DOI
  • PMID
  • Title
  • Authors
  • Author Affiliations
  • Journal
  • Publication Date
  • Article Type
Create your own ALM report today with the latest data. For more instructions on how to use ALM Reports, visit the About page.